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Say vs Tell – Short Story

Say vs Tell – Short Story

Say vs Tell – Short Story

“Come on over here my boy. Sit down beside me. I want to tell you a story, a story about a time when I was young.”

“Ah Grandpa, not the story of how you met Grandma again! You always tell me the same story,” said the young boy.

“No no,” said the old man, “this is a secret story. I’ve never told it to anyone and you have to promise never to say anything to anyone about it. Do you promise?” said the grandpa.

The boy loved secrets and prided himself on being able to keep them. He never told anyone his secrets, not even his best friend Spot.

“I love secrets!” cried the boy. “ I swear I won’t tell a single soul!”

“The story is about a hidden treasure, a treasure I found nearly 48 years ago. A pirate’s treasure.”

“A treasure!” exclaimed the boy. A pirate’s treasure? Full of gold coins and jewels?” now excited to listen to the story.

“Oh, it was golden, that’s for sure, a chest full of gold with diamonds staring back at me, two, to be exact.”

“Wow! Where did you find it? In a cave on a deserted island?” asked the boy. “Tell me tell me!” he said, now anxious to know the details.

“I was out for a walk one day and simply stumbled upon it. There it was, out in the open, sitting under a tree in the park, just waiting for someone to claim it as their own.”

“What? Out in the open? You mean you didn’t have a map? I thought you said it was a pirate’s treasure!” The boy grew suspicious.

“Oh, it was a pirate’s treasure,” assured the grandpa, but love doesn’t need a map. You just follow your heart. It knows the way.”

“Grandpa!” whined the boy. “Are you talking about grandma again? I thought this was a real pirate’s story!”

The old man chuckled. “Well, she was my treasure. She had a golden heart and eyes that sparkled just like diamonds, though I am not sure who was the pirate. It is tough to know who was doing the stealing. Maybe we both were pirates. We certainly sailed together over the years.”

As the boy watched is grandfather grow nostalgic he leaned in, hugged his grandfather tightly and said, “I liked the story Grandpa, even if you were telling a bit of a lie, even if it wasn’t really about pirates.”

Written by Stephanie Cariker

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