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Student Showcase – Debora Romero

Student Showcase – Debora Romero

I am not sure who chose who as a teacher. Perhaps we chose each other. Nonetheless, I have been teaching Debora English for a little over a year now and she has been teaching me to look more closely at my patterns and habits.

Debora is a Coach and I want to showcase her here today because she is doing great things!

I also think there is a bit of misunderstanding around the term «coach.,» especially because it has become quite trendy lately. A coach is not a new wave version of a Psychologist. A coach is not a friend. Their only motive is to accompany you through listening to you and questioning what they hear in order to help you achieve your goals. A coach is simply an extra set of non-biased eyes to see yourself with. They act like mirrors, showing you different perspectives of the same reflection.

Just as Messi has a personal physical trainer, today more and more people are opting to hire coaches of all kinds: life coaches, executive coaches and political coaches to help prepare them for peak performance in their lives, careers and goals.

But I am no expert. Debora, however is, so I decided to interview her.

What made you decide to pursue a career in coaching?

Well, when I learned about coaching, I initially thought, «Hey, it could help me!» and it did. I learned a great deal and the process was so useful for my personal change, that I wanted to share it with the world.

Are you specialized in a specific area of coaching?

Yes, I am specialized in executive coaching, team coaching and political coaching. I am currently working mostly with teams and their leaders, however, I have begun to work with some politicians as well.

How is working with a coach different from working with a psychologist?

Well, to begin with, the main difference between coaching and psychology is that in coaching we seek to guide you into the future in order to meet your goals. We don’t try to resolve the past. The past is the past. We are not concerned with it. We are only concerned with this moment and how you can modify actions and habits that will allow you to achieve the things you want most in your life. The only moment we delve into the past is to look for positive experiences that can serve us today in our growth. Not only this, but in coaching, we don’t «treat» a «patient.» The Coachee must be mentally open to the process. We cannot work with someone who is going through mental instabilities.

What is the coaching process like?

The process depends on the focus you wish to give it. For example, if you are working with teams, we might estimate a six month process where the coach is present in staff meetings every fifteen or twenty days. In the case of a personal process, of course this is always subjective. The time frames change from one Coachee to another, but we would calculate approximately five months with meetings every two weeks. Each session lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. During each session I ask the Coachee what they want to work on and then I simply listen, stopping them every once in a while to ask a question that might help them see something useful.

Who would benefit from coaching?

Coaching is for anyone who is struggling to reach their goals or desires. However, it is ideal for those who have already overcome certain emotional blocks that would impede them from advancing and achieving what the want to achieve.

Great! Thank you Debora for answering my questions!

If you are are interested in having someone accompany you in the process of reaching your goals, we encourage you to visit her website at: www.deboraromerocoach.com.