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English in Rosario es un instituto de inglés que ofrece métodos creativos e innovadores con profesores nativos. Focalizamos en el deseo de comunicarnos con el mundo a través de afinar las cuatro áreas del aprendizaje.

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Do you like to read?

Do you like to read?

Are you and avid reader? Did you know that reading in English is like going to the gym for your brain? In fact, according to leading neurologist Robert. S. Wilson of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, mental activities such as reading and learning a language can keep your brain healthy well into old age, whereby keeping Alzheimer’s  at bay.

If that isn’t enough of a reason to join our Reading Circle, then I don’t know what is? Maybe chocolate cake?

What is the Reading Circle?

Rosario Reading Circle is a monthly meeting organized by English in Rosario as an extracurricular activity to practice English in creatively different way.

Each month we choose an author, selecting either an entire book or several short pieces compiled together, to read on our own time. Then, on the last Friday of each month we come together to discuss, share, analyze and compare opinions, whereby forming a community of book devouring language lovers!

This month, March 2016, we will be reading «To Kill a Mockingbird» by recently deceased Harper Lee.

Materials will be available for pick up starting March 1st, however, we ask that you confirm your assistance prior to picking them up.

The price is $140 pesos per month and includes material, 2 hours of discussion in English, coffee, tea and homemade baked goods.

If you are interested in forming part of our community, you can sign up by clicking here.

Meetings are guided by U.S. native Stephanie Cariker.