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Blog : short story

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

“What time is it,” Joe asked.

“Now,” Jack responded. Jack had no need for time. He had abandoned his watch along with his calendar and any other methods that attempted to measure the immeasurable. Now is a long time. It is infinite. And because Jack lived there, in the “now”, he no longer needed to keep track of the trivialities of time.

“Oh come off it man, don’t give me that Yoga shit right now! I need to know what time it is. I’m late!”

Joe was a traveler, but not the kind that took a plane from country to country. Instead he hopped back and forth between the past and future, seldomly stopping in the present for longer than a warm cup of tea. And though they had clearly taken different paths in life, Jack and Joe had been friends since they were young boys. There was a closeness that kept them together, a closeness like birds of the same feather.

Jack smiled mischievously. “It’s 8:37 a.m., to be exact, and you are on the planet we refer to as Earth in the city with the given name San Diego. By the way, did you know that your shirt is inside out?”

Come on Jack! I haven’t even had my coffee yet! Please leave your hippie commentary to yourself, oh and thanks for telling me about my shirt! Did you get it?” he asked, turning his shirt right side out in record breaking time.

“What?» Jack responded with a smile as he pulled the velvet box from his shirt pocket.

“You suck dude! How can you be so calm all the time?”

Stepping through the door with his coffee in hand and hollered over his shoulder, “Don’t be late man, this is really important to me.”

“Have a mindful day Joe and may the force be with you.”

“You get weirder by the day man.”

Joe headed for the chapel at a half walk run.

He knew that Jack would tell him to breathe. He heard his voice whisper in the back of his mind, “You do not need to race, she will be there, she will wait. There is no such thing as late.”

With that thought he took a deep breath and made his first conscious step toward the rest of his life.

Getting Back Together

Getting Back Together

An excerpt from Susan McGee’s personal diary…

January 24th 2013

I woke up this morning with a headache after getting drunk again last night. I don’t know why I can’t seem to get my life in order. After I finally got out of bed, I got in the shower, hoping to feel better, but instead I got sick. Ever since Matt told me he wanted to get a divorce, I have felt so depressed. I understand, I mean, we never get along anymore. Why would he want to continue to be with me? Still, I wish things had turned out differently.

I have a plan though, a plan to get him back. I will get a job. I will stop getting drunk. I will get a membership to the gym and hopefully lose some weight. I will focus on getting my life together, and I will show him that I love him.

March 2nd 2013

I got a job and I got my first paycheck! I am on the right track now. I even got a phone call the other day from, guess who? Matt! He said he got a letter in the mail addressed to me so I went to his house to pick it up. When I got there he was sitting at the dining room table with a bottle of red wine. I told him I had quit drinking and he commented on how good I looked. I think I really got his attention. 

He asked me if I would like to get some dinner some time, “just as friends,” he said. But I got the feeling he misses me and wants to get back together. I hope I hope I hope that I am getting the right impression!

May 13th 2013

Matt and I have been seeing each other at least once a week for the past couple of months and things have gotten much better. He even asked me to go on a trip with him! I think we have officially patched things up. We haven’t even had one fight! We are getting along wonderfully!

June 3rd 2013

We got on the plane at 10:00 a.m.  We were dreaming of getting tans on the beaches of Hawaii. When we got to the island, we got a car a map and then got some lunch.  I could really get used to the weather here! It is beautiful! After lunch we went sightseeing and I got some great pictures.  In the evening, we started to get tired, so we got a room at one of the hotels near the ocean. After we unpacked, we got room service and Matt got down on one knee and told me he wanted annul the divorce. He asked me to marry him again, to start over. I got teary eyed and said yes! 


Written by Stephanie Cariker

Director at English in Rosario

Pretty – A short story using Comparatives and Superlatives

Pretty – A short story using Comparatives and Superlatives

“Mommy, am I pretty?”

In a world where things were more and more aesthetic, Sofia had grown concerned about her looks. She didn’t need to be the prettiest girl at school, nor did she aspire to be prettier than anyone else, she simply hoped to be as pretty as the rest of her friends.  

Claudia sighed. She imagined this day would come sooner or later, though she had hoped for later. It killed her to hear self doubt enveloping the voice of her 8 year old daughter. She wanted to take her into her arms and assure her she was beautiful, but that would simply add wood to the fire. Little boys and girls were placing more and more value on their physical appearance these days and compliments like, “you are beautiful,” only reinforced the absurd concept that physical beauty was a virtue.

Fighting the urge Claudia said, “Do you remember that time we went on vacation to the south, and camped for the entire month?”

“Of course I do mom,” Sofia replied.

“It was pretty amazing wasn’t it?”

“Yep, more amazing than any other vacation.”

“And do you remember the night when we laid on our backs and watched the stars shoot across the sky?”

“How could I forget. I wished on every single one!”

“That was pretty incredible wasn’t it?” Claudia continued.

“It was one of the most incredible nights of my life so far,” Sofia responded.

“And do you remember when that terribly ugly dog decided to adopt us for the month and everyone said he was horrible, but you thought he was the most beautiful dog you had ever seen?”

“Billy was not ugly mom!” Sofia exclaimed.

Well, all of those pretty amazing and pretty incredible things you experienced, all of those beautiful moments you continue to experience, can only be appreciated because you encompass beauty. Not the kind of beauty that can be found in the shape of your eyes or the color of your hair, but true beauty, the kind you wear on the inside. We are mere projections of what is inside of us. Like mirrors, we simply perceive in others what we carry inside. And you, my sweet girl, are filled up to the brim with beauty, which is why you see the beauty in all things. Even that ugly dog you named Billy.

Sofia looked as though she was about to cry.

Claudia held her breath. She hoped she had been clear, hoped she had sent the right message.
With tears in her eyes Sofia looked up at her mom and said, “so that means you are filled up with beauty too mommy.”

Written by Stephanie Cariker

Director at English in Rosario