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What is Mate Talk?

What is Mate Talk?

Well, let’s start with what it isn’t.

  • Mate talk is not a class
  • Mate talk is not a workshop
  • Mate talk is not boring

So then what is it?

Mate talk is a bi-weekly encounter open to all ages and levels of English. Each meeting will consist of open ended conversational questions to ponder, discuss, provoke and examine with the hope of making friends, expanding our perspectives and yes, practicing our English.


What do I get and how much does it cost?

The meeting lasts 2 hours and costs $50 pesos per person. Snacks and mate are always included.

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Some Food and Drink Phrasal Verbs to Expand Your English Vocabulary

have… dedicated this month to expansion, so not ONLY will we give you some hot new phrasal verbs, we are going to expand our over all vocabulary in everyone’s favorite area: food and drink.

Because there are dozens of other verbs and phrases that you use to refer to shoving food in your face.

Mama’s 7 favorite verbs to talk about eating

  1. to feast – to eat as if it were Christmas (All.Day.Long!) Example: I feasted on a delicious beef stew last night.
  2. to gobble – this one comes from Thanksgiving and our tendency to feast on turkey, who happens to say «gobble gobble gobble. Example: Sharon is a pig! She gobbled down those pastries faster than a stray dog!
  3. to wolf – to eat quickly like a wild animal. Example: Did you even breathe? You wolfed your dinner!
  4. to nibble – to eat like a bird, taking small bites but not eating the whole meal. Example: 1. Are you O.K.? Be barely touched your food? 2. I nibbled before coming.
  5. to snack – eating things like cookies and chips and crackers but never actually eating a meal. Example: Don’t snack too much! You won’t have room for dinner!
  6. to munch – this is a lot like snacking. Example: I hate eating big meals. I prefer to munch all day.
  7. to binge – you all know this one from watching series. It is where you eat nonstop. Example: Whenever I am depressed I binge ice cream like it is going out of style.

Verbs you can use instead of drink

  1. to guzzle – to drink without coming up for air. Example: My daughter guzzles milk like a baby calf.
  2. to down – this one is very similar to guzzle. Example: What did you do on Friday night? I downed a six pack of beer with a friend. (you drank it but likely quickly)

Phrasal Verbs for eating

  1. To whip up – you know those people who can make a cake in like 20 minutes flat without a recipe and without using a box? (ehem, I may or may not be one of those people). Example: Shall I whip up some brownies for after dinner?
  2. To throw back – This could also be used for drinks – and has to do with eating quickly and plentifully. Example: At the Cinco de Mayo party we threw back dozens of tacos and margaritas!

Phrasal Verbs to refer to eating less

  1. To cut back on / cut down on – when there is a food item that you want to eat less of but not necessarily eliminate completely. Example: I am going to cut back on processed flour.
  2. To cut out – To eliminate completely from your diet. Example: If you suffer from Celiac Disease, you have to cut out all foods that contain gluten.

So, here is the thing…

All these words are good and dandy and all, but if you don’t put them into practice it is the same as if you had never read this post.

So, here is your call to action.

  1. Chose your favorite word or phrase
  2. Hop on over to our Facebook group
  3. Post a sentence to show you have learned something.

Come on! YOU CAN DO IT! 

Spot On

Spot On

What are you thinking about? she asked.

I wasn’t thinking about anything, he responded.

Liar! You are a goddamned liar Raven. You can’t just turn your mind off. We are always thinking! It is a human condition! Why are you afraid of telling me what’s on your mind? I can see it in your eyes. You are worried about something. Don’t be worried. Talk to me. I want to listen to your problems. That is what partners do right? Raven? Are you listening to me? Raven! Good god, it is like talking to a fucking wall. I should leave your ass before you leave me. You don’t care about me, about us. Is this all a joke to you?

Jesus Jessica, calm down! You always do that. You jump to conclusions. I don’t know what I was thinking about. I don’t think I was even thinking! For crying out loud! I was day dreaming, dreaming about getting out of this town, about turning over a new leaf, starting fresh. I was dreaming about getting a better job, one that doesn’t kill my back and leave my whole body hurting. I have lots of thoughts Jessi, I can’t just reach out and grab one for you to examine the second you think to ask me to. They leave just as quickly as they appear.

Don’t you leave me Raven.

I’m not going to leave you and I don’t want to argue with you Jessi. I don’t want to argue about what was or wasn’t going on inside my mind. I just want to sit here, silently. I want to relax. I’ve had a long day. It was hotter than hell out there and now I am here, with you, and all I want to do is enjoy my cold beer in silence. Is that too much to ask of you?

Raven was accustomed to Jessi’s overreactions by now. They had been married for well over a decade. He had always been faithful to her, had never even given her the reason to suspect him of infidelity, and still, she allowed jealousy and insecurity to get the best of her. She was afraid of losing him. Her father had been addicted to heroine and her mother wasn’t much of a mother at all. Raven was all she had. He was the only person she could depend on and they both knew that.

After a long silence, Raven spoke. I don’t know what to do or say to make you see. I am not big on words. When you have actions, words are dull. But the blind have a hard time seeing the actions of others and while your vision is perfect, you aren’t seeing me so I am just going to say it loud and clear for you. I have had two goals in my life, one is to stop suffering. I haven’t yet figured out how to conquer that one. The other is to take refuge in my happy spot on a daily basis. This one I achieved years ago but that happiness is nothing to me if I can’t share it with you. Do you understand me?

Jessi’s lower lip began to tremble. Why haven’t you ever taken me there, to your happy spot?

Jessi, it’s you! You are my happy spot. I take refuge in you!

Written by Stephanie Cariker

Director at EinR

Do you Believe?

Do you Believe?

He has been and always will be skeptical. I, on the other hand, am a believer.
We arrived on time. I looked up at the address; Catamarca 3095.

“This is the place,” I said with excitement. My heart fluttered as I rang the dusty doorbell.

“Nothing a little spring cleaning can’t fix,” I thought to myself. I had a good feeling about this place.

“Who is it?”

“Hi, we are here to see the house you have for rent.”

“Oh yes, I will buzz you in. Just push on the door”

The door opened to a long staircase with a violet and green colored glass window at the top.

My eyes filled with tears. I had looked at twenty or more spaces in the last month but none of them were quite right. Too big, too small, too noisy, etc. By the time I had arrived to the top of the stairs, I knew this was it.
This would be my new language institute.

The agent guided us through each room with the enthusiasm of a man on his deathbed. The more we commented about how lovely it was, the more he tried to deter us from renting the space.

“The old pine floors are in fantastic condition!” I exclaimed.

“Aren’t they? Too bad they have termites. You will likely have to change them,” he responded.

His negative comments were not, however, going to change my mind. I had made my decision. With a little cleaning and a lot of love, I would make this place mine, and I did.

As we left, I remember saying to my husband “It has a special kind of energy doesn’t it?”

He just scoffed. He has never believed in that kind of thing.

After going back and forth with the agent, we finally convinced him to let us rent the space. Only now do I understand the creepy words he said when he shook our hands. “Well I hope she treats you nicely.”

She? Was he personifying the house?

Eager to start hosting my classes there, I immediately began cleaning and painting. I spent long days and nights making the space my own. Each morning I would arrive, put the kettle on, turn the music up and begin my flow. And it was on one of those mornings that I finally understood who she was.

I had been in the corner room, alone and standing on a chair in order to reach the cobwebs in the big stained glass windows when I heard a noise. It came from the bathroom.
I stepped down from my makeshift ladder and turned down the music.

“Hello? Who is there?” I said.

I received no response but I no longer felt alone. I cautiously walked toward the bathroom and as I did, I smelled the scent of a woman’s perfume and sensed a female’s presence.


That night at dinner I told my husband about the experience.

“I think we have a ghost in the institute” I said. “I feel like she lives in the bathroom or on the balcony between the bathroom and the corner classroom.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,» he said, «ghosts don’t exist. It was probably someone passing by on the street.”

Maybe he was right. Maybe I had just been working too hard.
But then, a week or two later, something happened.

It was 8 P.M. My husband had chosen the corner classroom and was in the middle of giving class when he saw bright white light flash across the blackboard. Without turning around, he continued writing, thinking his student had taken a picture rather than copy the notes.

“Damned youth with their smart phones,” he thought to himself.

But he couldn’t help hearing his wife’s words in the back of his head. Ghost, woman, corner classroom.

When he turned around he found student’s face white with terror.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” he asked.

“Did you just see that, that white light on the board? It, it flashed and then was gone.” stammered the student.

“You mean you didn’t just take a picture with your phone?»

«Nah, man, I was taking notes!»

They searched the room for explanations. The windows and doors had been shut to keep the cold out. They were the only two people in the school. Nothing could have made a bright white light flicker twice across the board.

With little exchange they both acknowledged that class had ended. The fear in the air said more than the words stuck in their throats.

They left that night and perhaps she left with them. I haven’t seen, smelled or sensed her since. All I know is, my husband is still skeptical but he cannot deny the lack of explanation for what he saw that night.
As for me, I have always believed.

Are you Happy?

Are you Happy?

I often hear people say they aren’t “much for philosophy.” I respect and understand that. The worst grade I received in all of my academic career was in Philosophy 101. While the professor clearly lacked the necessary pedagogical skills restless twenty-year-olds require to confront Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, there was nothing I considered interesting about that class, much less applicable to real life. I got a D in that course, one step above failure.

Until that time, studying, had always come easy to me. But it was perhaps, my brief brush with underachievement that sparked my thirst for questioning, igniting a need to define and destroy said definitions. Which is why I am writing this today, to kindle in you a small curiosity for reasoning.

What is Philosophy?

For me, it is the art of questioning everything; un-defining the defined and then questioning again. It is the examined life. Nothing is to be taken at face value. And when you find yourself comfortable in the definition of things, ask again. That is what we do in the Big Questions workshop and on last Friday we questioned happiness.

The quest for happiness is as ancient as time itself. There isn’t a philosopher dead or alive who hasn’t reflected upon it. And while we had agreed upon a few things, we had yet to define this abstract concept everyone is supposedly searching for.

Before defining and then un-defining, we looked a bit closer at how the concept of happiness and all its definitions had mutated extensively throughout the years.

For example, if we divide the philosophers into two groups, the Eastern and Western we will see that the Greeks equated happiness with ethics. This essentially meant that you did good because because you were virtuous and in being so, you achieved harmony. Harmony combined with the elimination of suffering is at the root of nearly all Eastern philosophers arguments. But things on the Western forefront changed with the arrival of Christianity. Happiness moved from something sought after in this life to something achieved in the afterlife. It became a reward. But it didn’t stop there. The Medieval times twisted Christianity’s definition ever so slightly adding that one must have a “godly attitude” if they were to achieve their reward. Pack your bags we are going on a guilt trip! It wasn’t enough to live a good moral life, you had to live a pious one if you wanted to achieve happiness in heaven.  Finally, with the arrival of modern times, happiness transformed into something of a social achievement. And that is how we view it today. Happiness can now be lost, found, purchased and put on display. It is equated with positivism and the power of the mind, with staying clear of bad vibes and above all else appearing happy. God forbid your response to the question, “how you are feeling today?” be “terrible!” Every day there is more and more pressure to appear happy. If you don’t appear happy, you have to at least be in search of a path to get there.

But is happiness something you can find? Can you create it? Is it something to be achieved? Does it even exist? Is pleasure and happiness one in the same? Are they dependent on each other?

We do not have all the answers, but after two hours of examination we came to a group consensus:

  1. We all felt happy in the moment that we were reflecting as a community
  2. Happiness, at face value, seems to be determined by your circumstances. However, when you delve into it a bit more, happiness exists in spite of those circumstances.

And finally, we challenged good ole Aristotle’s by taking his famous quote, “Happiness depends on ourselves.” one step further. Because according to our reasoning,  “Happiness doesn’t depend on yourself, it depends on overcoming your self.”


The #BigQuestion Philosophers of EinR

Do you want to learn more about our monthly philosopher’s circle? Email us at englishinrosario@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook by clicking here.

Our next meeting is set for June 17th at 18:00.

¡Promoción de julio!

¡Promoción de julio!

Con la llegada del frio, ¡también las promociones! ¡Ahora, trae un amigo durante el mes de julio y paga solo 50% de la cuota de agosto!

¿Qué mejor forma de olvidarse del frio que aprendiendo un idioma nuevo?

Do you like to read?

Do you like to read?

Are you and avid reader? Did you know that reading in English is like going to the gym for your brain? In fact, according to leading neurologist Robert. S. Wilson of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, mental activities such as reading and learning a language can keep your brain healthy well into old age, whereby keeping Alzheimer’s  at bay.

If that isn’t enough of a reason to join our Reading Circle, then I don’t know what is? Maybe chocolate cake?

What is the Reading Circle?

Rosario Reading Circle is a monthly meeting organized by English in Rosario as an extracurricular activity to practice English in creatively different way.

Each month we choose an author, selecting either an entire book or several short pieces compiled together, to read on our own time. Then, on the last Friday of each month we come together to discuss, share, analyze and compare opinions, whereby forming a community of book devouring language lovers!

This month, March 2016, we will be reading «To Kill a Mockingbird» by recently deceased Harper Lee.

Materials will be available for pick up starting March 1st, however, we ask that you confirm your assistance prior to picking them up.

The price is $140 pesos per month and includes material, 2 hours of discussion in English, coffee, tea and homemade baked goods.

If you are interested in forming part of our community, you can sign up by clicking here.

Meetings are guided by U.S. native Stephanie Cariker.

There is no elevator to success

There is no elevator to success

Each year I make a list of things I plan to achieve. Instead of pledging myself to unattainable New Year’s resolutions, I create a to-do-list based on daily goals rather than tasks. This list, unlike most of my to do lists, isn’t about checking or crossing things off. There is no gratification in accomplishing them and moving one to the next. The fruition instead comes from keeping those goals at the very focal point of all 365 days in the year. So, for 2017 I awake each morning vowing to inspire curiosity as frequently as possible. I promise to motivate mindful learning at every possible opportunity, not just in English but in life skills in general. And finally, as I walk through each day, I am committed to connecting people withing this multicultural community of visionaries I am so very blessed to form part of.

That is why, last week, I went to check out one of the newest co-working spaces in Rosario: REQ.

REQ, similar to EinR, is invested in connecting people and helping to them grow on both a personal and professional level. They too are committed to tearing down the walls that bind us.

Which is why, we are proud to announce the birth of what we hope will be a long-lasting partnership based on mutual support and transformative imagination.

What does this mean for you?

If you too want to break free of the four walls of your office. If you want to launch your personal project into a successful business, if you currently work from home and find yourself speaking to the walls (because community is in fact a basic human need) then REQ might be the answer. And do you know what? When you become a member at REQ you will receive a discount on English classes!

In fact, we will be teaching a free English workshop (members only) this Wednesday at 14:30 and there will certainly be more to come!

Join us! Join REQ!

Storytelling Lab

Storytelling Lab

El 13 de julio en Espiria Bar a las 17:00 English in Rosario juntos a Gotas de Tinta – taller de literatura y escritura – presentaremos el primer laboratorio de cuentacuentos en inglés.

Un se preguntará, ¿por qué contar cuentos?

Según estudios,, el arte de narrar, hoy en día, es un aprendizaje no precindible. Va mucho más alla de transmitir anectdotas y cultura, hace que uno se exprese con más claridad, que logra ser mejor lector quien escuchará mejor y tendra más confianza en uno mismo.


Say vs Tell – Short Story

Say vs Tell – Short Story

“Come on over here my boy. Sit down beside me. I want to tell you a story, a story about a time when I was young.”

“Ah Grandpa, not the story of how you met Grandma again! You always tell me the same story,” said the young boy.

“No no,” said the old man, “this is a secret story. I’ve never told it to anyone and you have to promise never to say anything to anyone about it. Do you promise?” said the grandpa.

The boy loved secrets and prided himself on being able to keep them. He never told anyone his secrets, not even his best friend Spot.

“I love secrets!” cried the boy. “ I swear I won’t tell a single soul!”

“The story is about a hidden treasure, a treasure I found nearly 48 years ago. A pirate’s treasure.”

“A treasure!” exclaimed the boy. A pirate’s treasure? Full of gold coins and jewels?” now excited to listen to the story.

“Oh, it was golden, that’s for sure, a chest full of gold with diamonds staring back at me, two, to be exact.”

“Wow! Where did you find it? In a cave on a deserted island?” asked the boy. “Tell me tell me!” he said, now anxious to know the details.

“I was out for a walk one day and simply stumbled upon it. There it was, out in the open, sitting under a tree in the park, just waiting for someone to claim it as their own.”

“What? Out in the open? You mean you didn’t have a map? I thought you said it was a pirate’s treasure!” The boy grew suspicious.

“Oh, it was a pirate’s treasure,” assured the grandpa, but love doesn’t need a map. You just follow your heart. It knows the way.”

“Grandpa!” whined the boy. “Are you talking about grandma again? I thought this was a real pirate’s story!”

The old man chuckled. “Well, she was my treasure. She had a golden heart and eyes that sparkled just like diamonds, though I am not sure who was the pirate. It is tough to know who was doing the stealing. Maybe we both were pirates. We certainly sailed together over the years.”

As the boy watched is grandfather grow nostalgic he leaned in, hugged his grandfather tightly and said, “I liked the story Grandpa, even if you were telling a bit of a lie, even if it wasn’t really about pirates.”

Written by Stephanie Cariker

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