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English in Rosario es un instituto de inglés que ofrece métodos creativos e innovadores con profesores nativos. Focalizamos en el deseo de comunicarnos con el mundo a través de afinar las cuatro áreas del aprendizaje.

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Taboo Night

Taboo Night

We love doing things differently and we love when being different is edgy because edgy is cool and we are nothing if not cool. (In a dorky kind of way of course!)

So, what the hell is Taboo Night? No, silly we aren’t going to get drunk and have sex with our brothers. (We don’t even have brothers!) No, seriously. But I can’t promise we won’t get a bit tipsy.

What I can promise you is that we will have fun. We will eat and drink. We will be merry and it will all be very very taboo. In a language kind of way. Spanish will be prohibited!

We will need you to sign up for this one, however, so we know how many drinks and snacks to buy. Once everyone arrives we will call for pizza. Last time we had game night, our bellies were a growling! Which is why we have decided to add pizza to the mix.

When: Friday the 15th of July

Time: 20:30-23:00 (after the Big Questions workshop)

Price: $150 – 2 cans of beer or soda, snacks, pizza, fun and games.

Sign up here and now.

Psst…You have to click on «here and now».

Trivia Night!

Trivia Night!

There is no funner way to practice your English than playing. There is no dispute about that. And, if you are a nerd, like we are, trivia is a fantastically fun way to learn, not only English but also senseless pieces of information through playing.

What is Trivia? 

Trivia is basically details, considerations, or pieces of information of very little importance or value.

For example:

What did Madonna wear in the original version of her 1984 hit single «Like a Virgin»

a) a wedding dress

b) a cone shaped bra

c) a nun’s habit


How will we play?

There will be 6 categories; Geography, Entertainment, History, Arts & Literature, Science & Nature, and Sports & Leisure. Once everyone has arrived we will break up into groups to compete for the grand prize. (Shhh, it’s a surprise!)


What will you get for your money?

The cost is $100 pesos and it includes 2 hours of gaming, 2 cans of beer (or soda) and snacks (potato chips, peanuts, etc) oh yeah and loads of nerdy fun!

Giving Back

Giving Back

«The greatest gift you can give is your time.» -Unknown

The science of happiness states that there is one step that keeps us from being a 10 on the scale of contentment and that is giving back to the community IN community!

That is why on June 4th 2016, from 9:30-12:30 the English in Rosario and Spanish in Rosariocommunities will be giving back by helping BAR | Banco de Alimentos in #Rosario to unload, organize, count, clean, and inventory the food that will then be distributed to those that need it most!

You will not be able to donate your time if you do not sign up by Thursday June 2nd.

You can do so by clicking here:https://goo.gl/dKsNFq

We hope you will invite your family to participate!

Wine Talk

Wine Talk

What is Wine Talk all about? 
Wine Talk is a night of fine wine, gourmet food, good friends and yes, English.
I have many passions in life, one of them is food and another is wine. Put these together with my passion for teaching and you have Wine Talk.
We will start out by learning about the winery and their harvests. After doing so, we will taste the first of three wines. Then we will taste that wine again to see how it changes withe the first course. We repeat this process three times, all the while learning how to recognized, decipher and describe the flavors we are experiencing.
While we do several of these events throughout the year, the first of 2016 will be:
Friday May 13th from 20:00-11:00!
This is a reservation only event which means you will need to come to English in Rosario (Catamarca 3095) before Thursday the 12th of May in order to pay for your seat. We only allow 25 reservations and they fill up quickly so don’t drag your feet or you will have to wait until June!

The prices is $250 per person, or $400 for two and includes:

*3 hours of English conversation
*Short workshop about wine knowledge
*Tasting (and drinking) of three different showcased wines
*A three course gourmet meal (there will be vegetarian options)
*Option to purchase showcased wines at wholesale prices

Convinced? Sign up here and we will confirm the times in which you can come reserve your seat.
New Workshops!

New Workshops!

The academic year is off to a flying start and we are excited for you to form part of it! We have so many lovely things planned for you in the coming months I can hardly wait!

I know you probably feel the same way which is why I have decided to give you a sneak peek of what is to come!

As many of you know, I am fascinated by spirituality (of all sorts) and I am not the only one. Miss Jacqueline Descoins has a burning in her bones to explore what is real as well! So when she came to me and proposed that we do an «English for the Spirit» meeting each month, you can imagine how I responded. «YES!»

You might be asking yourself, «What exactly will it consist of?»

For each meeting we would like to choose a teacher and/or theory and practice of that path to explore as a group.

First up: Mindfulness

On April 7th at 18:00 we will explore and contemplate everyday practices of being mindful and the perspectives of great masters and teachers regarding the art of mindfulness.

This is not a class. It is a spiritual meet up in English that is open to all levels and faiths.

There is no set cost for this meeting. Rather than charging a set price, we have decided to offer this meeting in such a way that everyone can participate regardless of their personal economy. All we ask is that you collaborate by giving what you can or want to give.

You do not need to make a reservation for this meeting.

English for the spirit


Next up: Let’s Get DRAMATIC with Improvisation!

Designed to get your creative juices flowing while practicing and developing your English with ease, Miss Jacqueline Descoins, actress and English teacher, will host the first of three theater modules: Improvisation, Storytelling and how those two work when put together via an author of choice.

Start date: May (exact date to be announced)

End date: The course is based on 8 encounters of 2 hours.

Date and time: Saturday from 15:00-17:00

Price: $200 pesos per class or $1500 if paid upfront.

If you are interested in this activity, click here and we will contact you with more information.

English theater workshop in Rosario


And finally, drum roll please…

We are going to explore our musical creativity while practicing English with our new English Music Lab!

Experiement musically via English

What is English Music Lab? Well, you might want to start by asking what it isn’t. It isn’t a class. It is an encounter to experiment with our voices and our ability to listen in order to create in ways we may have never known possible.

Have I piqued your interest: Let us know by signing up here.

Big Questions – An evening of Philosophy in English

Big Questions – An evening of Philosophy in English

What is Philosophy? Who is a philosopher? What is the meaning of life? Is there life after death? Who are you really? What came first, the chicken or the egg?

These, and many more, are some of the big questions we plan to explore in our first English and Philosophy meet up.

This is a great opportunity to expand your perspectives as well as practice English, all at the same time!

Guided by Stephanie Cariker, native English teacher from the United States and Hernan Aliani, local philosopher, we will guide the group through a two hour discussion, seeking to open a space where opinion does not impede new points of view.

When: Once a month. Our next meeting is May 20th at 18:00.

Cost: $100

Place: Catamarca 3095